Guardian Disability Insurance

Bridge the (Paycheck) Gap

Protecting a portion of your paycheck can help you live with more confidence — even if your income stops unexpectedly.

Ask yourself: What would happen to my income if I were suddenly impacted by illness or injury?

A strong income protection plan provides you with one less "what if?" to worry about. It can protect a portion of your paycheck — and ultimately the lifestyle that you and your loved ones enjoy.


At A Glance:

of today's 20-year-olds will become disabled during their working years.1

of Americans say protecting their family is a priority if they become unable to work.2

is the average duration of a long-term disability.3

of Americans don't understand how disability income insurance works.4

of today's 20-year-olds will become disabled during their working years.1

in·come pro·tec·tion


Income protection, also known as disability income insurance, helps replace a portion of your income if you are unable to work due to illness or injury. It lets you focus on your recovery instead of worrying about your finances.

One Less "What If?"

You insure your home. Your car.
Your personal property.

It makes sense to insure the one asset — your ability to earn an income — that makes your lifestyle and all of those things possible.

Income protection is the foundation of a strong financial plan, helping you to better prepare for the unexpected. That’s one less "what if?" in your life.


When the Unexpected Becomes a Reality

Disability happens to more people, more often than you may think, and it lasts longer, too. Surprisingly, more long-term disabilities are caused by illness than by injury.5

Common causes include:

  • Muscle, back and joint disorders, such as arthritis
  • Nervous system disorders, such as multiple sclerosis
  • Cardiovascular and circulatory diseases, including stroke and heart attack
  • Cancer, including breast, prostate and leukemia
  • Common mental disorders, such as depression

Disability Income Insurance Myths vs. Facts


I’m careful. I won’t need it.


90% of long-term disabilities are caused by illness. Your highest risk of a break in your income stream is not from a catastrophic accident, but from common illnesses with long-term consequences, such as heart disease, cancer and arthritis.6


It’s too expensive.


Not all disability income insurance is the same. Quality matters. You need a plan that spans your real needs and is always dependable.


Coverage from my employer
is enough.


Disability coverage provided by or purchased through your employer is a good start, but it typically replaces only about 40 to 60 percent of your income. Individual coverage can help fill that critical gap.


I'm too young to worry about it.


Many debilitating diseases strike the young. Rheumatoid arthritis, severe depression, Huntington's Disease and MS tend to occur before age 45. That can keep you from moving forward with your long-term plans.


My savings will cover me.


The average long-term individual disability claim is 31.6 months.7 That’s over two and a half years. A disability lasting a year or more could deplete your savings and make other long-term goals, such as retirement, virtually unreachable.

What if this paycheck were your last?

Sure, you could turn to your savings resources to get by.

But first, let’s check: Are you above or below "what’s normal" when it comes to your various accounts?

The average checking account balance is $9,132.8 Do you have MORE or LESS?

The average savings account balance is $33,766.9 Do you have MORE or LESS?

The average retirement savings balance is $95,766.10 Do you have MORE or LESS?

Whether your finances are above or below the average, three out of five people say their savings would last only six months if they became unable to work due to illness or injury.11

That may sound reasonable, but the average disability claim lasts 2.5 years. That’s a two-year gap after exhausting your savings.

Now, what if you could bridge the paycheck gap?

With the right disability income insurance coverage, you can meet many of your regular expenses without depleting your savings or retirement accounts, or going into debt.

Get the Facts About Income Protection

When it comes to selecting the right protection for you, what you don’t know can hurt you.

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Check out our resources to learn more about how disability income insurance can protect your income — and ultimately you and your loved ones — to help you live more confidently.

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Personalized Protection

Your personal and career goals are unique. So are your financial obligations. The best policy is the one that fits you.

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First, look into any income protection coverage you may already have in place. Then sit down with an advisor who can:

  • Talk through your individual circumstances
  • Help you determine if your existing coverage is enough
  • Show you the lifetime value of your earning power (it may surprise you)
  • Identify your most important savings goals
  • Present a range of options to personalize your protection
  • Explain the safeguards that can help to protect your greatest asset — your income

Disability Income Insurance in Action

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Dr. Feranmi Okanlami experienced a devastating injury, but with the help of an excellent disability plan, he regained his life and career. From injury to recovery and through rehabilitation, strong income protection from a trusted carrier helped bridge the financial gap when he needed it most.

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